How did I become a coach?

Let me tell you my story.

How did I become a coach?

Let me tell you my story.

I wish I were that person who knew exactly what career I wanted. I was far from it. I am a person with many interests and like to try a lot of things...and so I did. Throughout my career, I was a software engineer, a makeup artist, an operations head, and a business developer. All of these roles I enjoyed and did well. Life was great.

Then, a life-changing event: my mother passed away. When this happened, I found myself morphing into the empty space she left behind, taking over responsibilities that weren’t mine. As time passed, I slowly watched my own life take the back seat. I thought, “There are many more important things that needed to be done.”

I built a good life around my new responsibilities, but I always felt a pinch. I knew something was not right. But what exactly was not right? I could not answer that.

Until coaching found me. A very good friend introduced me to a coach. At that time, I did not think I needed coaching and I am not a person who opens up to a stranger, so I resisted. But after a long period of resistance, I gave in and took my first session.

I had an incredible experience! I don’t open up to strangers? I talked non-stop. By the time our session was approaching its conclusion, my coach told me: “You don’t know what you want.” At that time, I could not agree nor disagree with his observation. I’m a goal-oriented person and an achiever; I know what I want and I accomplish what I want. At the same time, though, his statement felt true.

I continued with the coaching engagement and kept that statement at the back of my mind. One day, my coach invited me to go to coaching school. I was curious about coaching and I had the time, so I accepted his invitation.

That changed everything for me. Similar to my previous roles, I enjoyed it, worked very hard, and did well. This time, though, it was different. My heart sang. Every time I coached, my heart felt that joy. Then, I started to see what’s possible for me. I started to form a vision of myself, something that gets me excited and scared at the same time. I realized: “so that’s what it means to really, really know what you want.

I needed to hold a vision of myself, compelling enough for me to pursue and to engage me in how I live my life, to build boundaries around something I truly value. I had no idea that was what I was missing until my coach showed me.

Now as a coach, I find myself living an exciting and fully aligned life by making a difference. I help others become the best version of themselves so they can create progress in their lives.

As your coach, that’s my job – to help you see what you need to see so you can make way forward with your life. And if you’re here, you’re already a step ahead of me from when I started.

Are you ready to start this life changing journey, just as I did?