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I felt so lost, empty, stuck, and apathetic with life. It started out with just feeling tired until it evolved into me crying randomly for what I thought was for no reason. I knew something was wrong, I knew I needed help. It's very taboo from where I'm from to go to any form of therapy/coaching unless it's physical or medicinal. But the universe heard my cries, and lined me up with Yen.

We've had so many ah-ha moments and breakthroughs during the coaching sessions that it's hard to single out one specific session. But to chalk everything up, it's realizing how we all need coaching in our lives more than we would ever know (or admit for some).

I find that Yen always asks the right questions, and I leave each session feeling empowered, refreshed, and clearer with my thoughts. Not that she gave me all the answers, but she helped me realize that the power to change things has and will always be in me. I couldn't even imagine anymore how I had felt before meeting Yen. This was truly life changing in ways that cannot be seen but felt.

If you’re considering Yen as a coach, I'll hold your beer 'cause your life is about to change, my friend.


I was stuck—wife, homemaker, mom of 3, turning 40. That was me. My mom had just passed away, and I was starting a new business. Aside from feeling stuck, I also felt like I was drowning. But instead of letting all this take over me, I decided to say “yes” to Yen and talk things over with the sure hope that I would get out of all this renewed and with a fresh sense of purpose.

The most significant learning from our sessions was not only the power in verbalizing my goals with her, but also finding major ways to navigate through my issues without forgetting the little but important steps to get through.

Through my sessions with Yen, I’ve been able to identify areas in my life that need extra attention, areas that are urgent and important, and areas that could be delegated. I also gained tools to properly asses issues that arise in my everyday life, and working on them with the right attitude. More specifically, that overwhelming feeling I used to have has been replaced with a sense of confidence and control that allows me to handle situations with more calm.

I would encourage you, women/moms especially, to try sessions with Yen because I do believe that my situation before was not unique. I know many moms who feel the weight and pressure, who overwork yet feel unfulfilled. Yen is an excellent listener with the gift of empathy. It’s time to work on YOU!

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When I decided to see a coach, I was in a generally good place in my life but always had this nagging feeling that there was something better and more exciting that I wasn’t building towards, which left me feeling unsatisfied. I needed to accomplish so many things in so many areas. Anything less would lead to a life of regret.

Working with Yen made me understand that these parts of me that were pulling me in different directions were not competing but were different facets of who I am that should be recognized and allowed to flourish. Each had its place in the different seasons of my life.

Today, that understanding allows me to explore, design, and plan for the life I truly want. One that is kinder and full of meaning for myself and the people I love.

For anyone who’s considering getting Yen as a coach, I would encourage you to jump at the opportunity regardless of if you feel you need it or not. Everyone needs a coach – someone who’s at your corner, able to help you take a step back and make sense and see things in a different light, including how you see yourself.

Marketing Professional

I decided to see a coach because I was at a point of uncertainty where I had a good and stable job that gave me more than enough to provide for my needs and my family’s, but I knew in my heart that something was missing. I didn’t want to wake up one day, and realize that I spent a bulk of my life being in front of my laptop doing something that wasn’t fulfilling for me.

Yen helped me realize what the words “meaningful” and “fulfilling” truly meant for me, and gave me the courage I needed to get out of my comfort zone in exchange for something that would get me excited to each day. She gave me the tools to encourage me in moving from a mindset of “What if I fail at this age?” to “What if I just try?”.

Now, I just started a job that’s in line with my interest. It’s much tougher than where I came from but I have a re-energized drive that makes me want to learn and push myself again.

If you’re considering Yen as a coach, I encourage you to go for it! She not only validates and helps you in unlocking what it is that you’re looking for, but she also helps you understand yourself and your motivations so that you can better evaluate the challenges and opportunities that you will be faced with.


I didn’t really know whether a coach could help me, but then I thought it wouldn’t hurt, so I decided to give it a try. I wanted to overcome my fear of doing demos in front of strangers, something expected of me in my new role at work.

One of my early discussions with Yen made me want to just cross a river of doubt, instead of staying stagnant. Who knows what I might discover at the other end? It sounded exciting instead of intimidating.

After a few sessions, I was able to move forward little by little, small step by small step. Eventually, I was able to give a demo, and even got positive feedback for it. The fears were all in my head! All I had to do was take the risk.

I have since given a few more demos at work and am looking forward to more. It has opened up more opportunities for me.

Yen gave several thought-provoking questions which made me not just think but also act. She understood where I was coming from, and gave advice (and some homework!) fit for my needs.

With her help, I was able to just move forward!

Anne W.

I went into some exploratory sessions with Yen with an open mind but convinced that I don’t need coaching of any kind: I was quite content and knew what direction I wanted my life to go.

Yen has an uncanny ability to identify and organize thoughts and feelings I expressed to put together a roadmap of sorts that helped me see a clearer path to achieving my goals, thereby, hastening my steps towards them.


I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience with Coach Yen! She was able to sort through my thoughts quite skillfully through her questions, leading me to come up with solutions that I would not otherwise have arrived on my own.

You’ll be amazed at how sharp and perceptive she is - she listens not just to your words but also to what is not being said. You come away from every session feeling refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges.

She really made a way forward for me and I’m sure she can do likewise for you!