Let's get inspired...

Let's get inspired...


I’m a big fan of personality tests. Are you? Recently, I discovered The Enneagram and got very excited to find out what profile it would yield for me.

I don’t have enough time for myself. I am too busy to work on my goals. Every time I hear these words uttered during a coaching conversation, I use the Eisenhower Matrix to help my clients see where their time goes. There’s an "aha" moment for each client every single time.Read more. ➡


What comes to mind when you hear the phrase: make way forward? For me, to make way forward is to make a change so that one will experience progress. But why is progress important? Read more. ➡

How do you set your goals? Over the years, I’ve experimented with different ways of setting my goals. I started with SMART goals. I then moved on to creating stretch goals, goals that are very much outside my comfort zone, for which I give myself three years to accomplish. Read more. ➡